The Coffee Trike is a completely self-contained mobile specialty coffee tricycle. Rolling around since winter of 2012, the trike serves up some of Boston and Cambridge’s highest quality espresso drinks and cold brewed coffee. Owned and operated by Alessandro “San” Bellino, The Coffee Trike has been named in Business Insider’s 50 Coolest Small Business in America, and San is a 2013 Zagat Boston 30 Under 30 Honoree.

San, an Australian native, musician, and tricycle enthusiast has been in and out of the service industry since 2003 and began his initial coffee experience in 2004. The concept revealed itself in 2011 after San competed in the United States Barista Regional Competition in New York City, which inspired him to look into opening his own coffee shop in Boston. After a few months of looking for a coffee shop space to no avail, and seeing how interesting the growing mobile food scene in the Boston area was becoming, San decided to ask “Why not mobile specialty coffee?” Shortly after, San approached The Massachusetts Small Business Development Center and The Coffee Trike was born.

The Coffee Trike is committed to sustainable business practices and supporting the local business community. The trike offers a small, high quality menu featuring coffee roasted by The George Howell Coffee Company in Acton, MA, & Gracenote Coffee Roasters in Berlin, MA and uses milk from Mapleline Farm in Hadley, MA. All paper goods are biodegradable and compostable and drinks are prepared using the finest equipment available.

The Coffee Trike is always eager to clock some sidewalk hours, so keep a look out and prepare yourself for the best coffee from a tricycle you could imagine.

Photo by Brian Doben from the At Work Project.

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