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About the Coffee Trike

The Coffee Trike is a self-contained mobile coffee shop experience for all types of events and occasions that includes a full espresso bar, cold brew coffee, hot chocolate, and specialty coffee drinks. Catering MA/RI/NH

Originally built in Holland, this custom-outfitted WorkCycles trike is both a work of art and a piece of industrial utility.

The Coffee Trike is proud to offer coffee that is responsibly sourced and roasted locally in Massachusetts. All of our supplies and cups are made in the USA and 100% compostable.

The Coffee Trike has been rolling around since 2012 and it was listed as one of Business Insider's 50 Coolest Small Businesses in America. We've had mentions in The Boston Globe, The Boston Magazine and also the Boston Voyager.

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The Coffee Trike was featured in the Boston Globe!
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We cater events of all sizes from large corporate meetings, charitable galas, wedding receptions to open houses and more.  We serve delicious handcrafted specialty coffee that will elevate any event or party.  We are based in Boston but will roll to any location within New England, including New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

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You can also tag or message @thecoffeetrike on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and are also welcome to reach out through email at info@thecoffeetrike.com

We can make your private event or party way cooler. Feel free to reach out for more information! 

- The Coffee Trike
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